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    It's named after David Douglas

    He was a Scottish botanist and collector who introduced the species for cultivation in 1827.

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    Douglas Fir is harder than other timbers

    Compared with European Redwood, it's 60% stiffer, and 40% harder. Perfect for building!

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    Douglas Fir is a slow-grown softwood timber

    It carries a durable classification giving good longevity that requires little or no treatment.

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    It's the strongest of our homegrown softwoods

    It can cope with heavy duty framing, ground-works, cladding and landscaping.

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    Like Oak, there’s not a lot it can’t be used for

    It is naturally durable and fares better than other softwoods for construction.

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    Douglas Fir has a very dense grain

    This is a considerably stable softwood and performs far better than many others in harsh conditions.